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High-Quality NYS Recycled Construction Products

Meet Sustainability Requirements with Recycled Products & Materials

At Allocco, we offer a range of durable, high-quality NYSDOT Recycled Products for your sustainable building needs, all recycled at our state-of-the-art Fill Material Transfer Station. We use the most current technology to ensure the most quality aggregate end-product for your construction project. You can help ensure your building project meets sustainability requirements laid out by the LEED certification credits by using these recycled materials.

Our Available Recycled Products Are NYSDOT Compliant

  • 1” Minus RCA Straight stone
  • NYSDOT RCA item 304.11
  • NYSDOT Item 203.07 Select Granular Fill
  • NYSDOT Item 203.21 Select Structural Fill

¾” Clean Recycled Concrete Aggregate (No Fines)

The ¾” stone product is a better alternative to a natural ¾” stone as it can be used as a substitute for 57 stone. This product can be used for driveways, walkways, parking lots, and a variety of other pavement applications where concrete is used. As a green alternative to other concrete aggregate materials, compliance officers prefer this product and it can earn LEED credits on participating projects.

Clean NYS RCA Blend (Subbase)

This concrete RCA will meet the criteria acceptable for use as item 304.11 – Subbase Course, type 1. This recycled product can also be used as items 203.07 – Select Granular Fill & Item 203.21 – Select Structural Fill. Our RCA blend is also a green alternative which will serve to earn LEED credits on its intended project.

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