Allocco Recycling

Above and Beyond Traditional Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling

Allocco recycling is a complete solution for purchasing all of your ferrous & Non-Ferrous metals. Offering state certified scales, roll-off container services and on-site weigh and pay. We have the facility and equipment necessary to handle large industrial scrap from your NY Metro construction and reconstruction projects.

Fill Material Transfer Station

Sustainable building requires that you responsibly dispose of fill debris such as concrete, rock, dirt, as well as other composite materials. Our state of the art facilities enable us to recycle 100% of all fill materials for reuse in construction and development, allowing the lifecycle of these materials to continue into new lives.

Construction Debris
Transfer Station

Allocco Recycling has a state-of-the-art, technology-driven construction and debris transfer station that specializes in the high-rate and reliable recycling of mixed construction waste, and demolition debris. We have some of the highest diversion rates in the industry. With our facilities, you can ensure your project will remain environmentally-sound and your waste will be properly processed.

Scrap Metal Container Service

Allocco Recycling provides Scrap Metal roll-off containers to the New York City and tri-state area – with expert care and hassle-free scheduling. Allocco recycling has you covered for any project, big or small. With our dedicated dispatch team, we ensure any scrap metal container is quickly delivered and removed. Call for any questions about a container for your project.

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